Polyester Tender products | Outboard covers

Polyester | Pu coating

600D Polyester covers for Outboards and Inflatable Boats.

Check the size fit file.

Propellor cover HPO
Propellor cover HPO 80/150
Polyester | Pu coating

Propellor cover HPO

The new Propellor cover HPO (High Power Outboard) is a universal propellor / tail cover from a signal red Polyester fabric. The covers have a big reflecting panel on the back for extra visibility.

The covers are foam padded and have a waterdrain hole in the bottom. We have 3 sizes and these 3 sizes will cover most of all brands high power outboards. See fit list for details

91101766 Propellor cover HPO 40/60
91101767 Propellor cover HPO 80/150
91101768 Propellor cover HPO 175/300+

Polyester | Pu coating

Propellor cover

This universal Propellor cover is for less powerful outboards / tail cover from Polyester.

The covers are padded and have a waterdrain hole in the bottom. We have 4 sizes and these sizes will cover most of all brands high power outboards.

91101753 Propellor Cover Red S
91101754 Propellor Cover Red M
91101755 Propellor Cover Red L
91101756 Propellor Cover Red XL

Propellor Cover Red XL
Outboard cover

Outboard cover

Universal Outboard cover protects the outboard from sun, salt and dirt, made from our PU coated, Solution-Dyed Polyester fabric.

91101745 Outboard Cover Small 42 x 25 x 30 cm / 2.5 – 6hp
91101746 Outboard Cover Medium 50 x 27 x 33 cm / 8 – 20hp
91101747 Outboard Cover Large 55 x 35 x 48 cm / 25 – 50hp


Polyester | Pu coating | SOLUTION DYED

Tender cover

The adjustable inflatable Tender cover fits most popular inflatable boats. 2 underneath quick-release buckles keep the cover in place while stowed on deck or in the davits. The Tender cover is made from PU coated, Solution-Dyed Polyester.

The tender Cover is available in 3 sizes:

91101721 Tender Cover Medium 230 – 280 cm
91101722 Tender Cover Large 285 – 320 cm
91101723 Tender Cover X- Large 325 – 360 cm

tender cover
Tender Stow Bag

Tender Stow bag

De Tender Stow bags are made from a Solution-Dyed Polyester Canvas. Solution-Dyed Canvas gets its color during the production of the yarn for the fabric, this production process results in a much higher quality of the fabric with a considerably higher tolerance against UV light.

9110776 Tender Stow Bag 60x20x31 cm 

9110778 Tender Stow Bag Mesh 60x20x31 cm


further developed size spec

We spent a lot of time developing a very good size spec for these universal covers. Check the size fit file.

Inflatable Boats and Accessories

600D Polyester with PU coating 



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