Acrylic Canvas

Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Solution-Dyed acrylic gets its color during the production of the yarn for the fabric while typical acrylic fabric is made white and is colored later in the production process. In the textile industry, the dyeing stage is where the production generates the most pollutants.


Winch Handle Holder
Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Winch Handle Pocket

The small and compact in size, but big enough to fit two winch handles. Available in a single model and a double model. These products have our Velcro Fixation System so assemble without drilling holes.

91100931 Winch Handle Pocket Single Acrylic
91102321 Winch Handle Pocket Double Acrylic.

Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Winch Cover

Protects valuable winches from sun, salt and dirt. Non slip rubber PVC edge, pull strap and adjustable buckle.

91100941 Winch Cover Small
91100942 Winch Cover Medium
91100943 Winch Cover Large
91100944 Winch Cover X Large

Winch Cover

Small         A ø 110 B ø 140 C 170
Medium     A ø 130 B ø 155 C 200
Large         A ø 140 B ø 170 C 220
X-Lange     A ø 150 B ø 195 C 240

Dimensions in centimeters

Winch Cover
Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Can Holder

Small and compact in size, but but very handy. Available in a single model and a double model. These products have our Velcro Fixation System so assemble without drilling holes.

91102460 Can Holder Acrylic 1
91102461 Can Holder Acrylic 2

Can Holder 2 Acrylic
Sheet stowage
Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Sheet Stow bag

These bags are available in 3 sizes with Velcro fixation system or guardrail fixation.

91100902 Sheet Stowbag Small 35 X 28 cm
91100903 Sheet Stowbag Medium 40 X 30 cm
91100904 Sheet Stowbag Large 45 X 32 cm
91100901 Sheet Stowbag Guardrail Large 45 X 32 cm

Guardrail Stowbag
Solution Dyed Acrylic canvas

Life Line Cushion

Life Line Cushion. PE foam padding and PVC tubing for ultimate comfort. Set of 2.

91101194 Life Line Cover Small 90cm / 3″
91101195 Life Line Cover Medium 135cm / 4,5″
91101196 Life Line Cover Large 180cm / 6″


Solution dyed

Outstandingly in colour fastness to light

ECO Textile

Eco Textile fabrics have a big eco advantage over traditional production dyeing methods.

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