HPO test fit


The 25mm straps with easy to adjust ladder lock keep your cover in place during transport

Water Drain

Water drain

In the bottom is a waterdrain to drain the cover from water

Front panel zipper

front zipper

The front panel has a zipper for quick and easy assembling.

The Fit List

We have 3 sizes for our Propellor Cover HPO. HPO stands for High Power Output so these covers are for the big boys.

Each cover will cover a range of different engines with different power outputs, this is because Outboard engine manufacturers will use the same outside parts for a group of engines. We have received from one of the main engine manufacturers data sheets from their different outboard engines. We have discovered with the help of these data sheets and measuring outboards from different brands a ratio between engine size and power output.

We have divided all HPO engines into 3 groups; 40/60 – 80/150 – 175/300+ and we designed a cover for these groups of engines.

We travelled the country to be sure that we had it 100% right and we test fitted all HPO outboards that we can find.

The list covers already a lot of outboards and we are sure that we have most of the populair models test fitted but we will look for more outboards to test fit our covers on.

When your outboard engine is not on the list then you just check which group your outboard engine belongs to and you will see that it will fit.

Reflecting panel

All propeller cover have a reflecting panel on the back panel

Water Drain


The cover is made from strong 600D polyester, the inside has a lining and the cover is padded with PE foam


Neoprene edge

Soft neoprene egde for smooth and flexible assembling

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