Welcome to the world of G-Nautics


In the summer of 2004 we started our quest to make life on board as comfortable as possible. The current G-Nautics collection is a real breath of fresh air, bursting with clean colors, modern materials and clever assembling systems. There is something for every type of boat; from ocean racer to sportive catamaran to laid-back family cruiser.

The G-Nautics products keep your boat clean and shipshape for high performance sailing. So whether you are planning a sailing vacation or a regatta you can find everything you want right here!

Over the years we received multiple design award nomination and prices. The 10 years of development is visible in our range of Genius nautical accessories; products we take pride in designing and producing for people as addicted to water sports as we are. We hope our customers are using them on their own personal quest, sailing the world!


We use different materials for different product groups, or we have the same product in a different material. For example we have the winch covers in environment safe Acrylic canvas or in super durable heavy duty tarpaulin PVC.

Acrylic canvas with a water repellent finish. This is breathable, UV resistant, rot free and in a stylish navy blue color. The material is 100% PVC free so safe for our environment.

Tarpaulin PVC; super tough, waterproof, water repellent, UV resistant, rot free and in a stylish clean white color. Our Tarpaulin PVC products are lightweight and do not absorb water.